An addition to the family need not mean an addition to the home.

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Kacey and Chris love their 1950’s ranch home and were proud that they used every square inch of their investment on a regular basis. So when an ultrasound revealed that they were going to have not one, but two, new babies, they knew they were going to have to move more than a few pieces of furniture around.

Tackling a new addition to the home while adding two additions to the family was a bit too much to handle for the Omaha natives, and they sought out Midwest Monkeybars as a way to make better use of the space they already had. While the house had limited storage and closet space, it did come with a spacious, two-car garage that was ripe with shelving and cabinet potential.

“The Monkeybars product line is really amazing,” said Kacey, when the project was complete. “With all the stuff we moved out of our house into the garage, we were able to make better use of bedroom closets and convert a bedroom that was basically used for storage into the perfect nursery.”

The couple also found multiple uses for the hooks below the heavy-duty garage shelves, and happily has specific places to hang the bulky double stroller and assorted sports equipment.

This project is a perfect example of how making an investment in a garage storage system can make a huge impact on your day-to-day life. Instead of moving homes or dealing with a costly renovation, they were able to make the most of what they already had with a heavy-duty, yet attractive, garage storage system.

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