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Our products are no strangers to “extreme makeovers”, which is why being featured in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was such a perfect fit. We’re proud to offer the same exciting transformations to the garages in Omaha, Lincoln, Yankton, Council Bluffs, and Sioux Falls. Of course, we know that national attention is one thing. Getting your neighbors to slow down every time your garage door is open, well, that’s about as good as it gets.

For an Unlimited Time: Free Brownie Points!

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Investing in garage storage products means adding value to your home, your stored items, and your life. And, depending on how long it has been a disaster, organizing your garage may also be an investment in your marriage. Call us and start reaping the benefits!

Buying in bulk just got manageable.

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Coupon clippers, rejoice! You know that buying in bulk can save you money, but it certainly doesn’t save you space. MonkeyBars Storage Solutions gives you the ability to store your well-invested bulk items and make them easy to get to. Just think: In the span of one day we can turn your garage into a super-sized pantry.

Weed Out Wasted Space. Grow Your Garage

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If you have a garage, chances are you have a yard. And if you have a yard, chances are you have rakes, shovels, hoes, trimmers, clippers, etc. Imagine how much fun yardwork can be when you can find just what you are looking for. (And if it isn’t fun, at least it’s painlessly efficient).

We tackle Omaha garage storage challenges.

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Monkey Bar Storage Solutions does more than just sell garage storage products; we design, customize, install and hang your items in your garage to maximize your storage potential. We can’t guarantee that angels will sing every time your garage door goes up, but we think it will be pretty close.

Garage Organization: The Next Adventure

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If your garage is more of a wilderness than Yosemite, MonkeyBars Storage Solutions can help you tame it. We’ll keep your gear high, dry, and ready for the next adventure, even if it’s only to the backyard.

Day In. Day Out.

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Making the decision to organize your garage is one thing. Getting it done is the other. In just one day, we can provide you with superior garage storage products, fully installed with items hung. Give us a call at 402-431-3111 or schedule your estimate online to start the process. This honey-do item is as good as done.

Find Soccer Cleats. And Sanity.

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MonkeyBars Storage Solutions will work with you to develop a game plan for your garage. Unwieldy sports equipment are no match for our hooks, shelves, and garage cabinets. We can’t promise you’ll never be late for soccer practice again, but we can make sure you’ll find those cleats before you lose your mind.