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In 1999, Jared Newman, a not-so-proud owner of a disorganized garage, took it upon himself to design, build, and install the first prototype for the MonkeyBars® system. He aimed for versatility and usability, knowing it was one thing for a garage to look impressive to the neighbors, but yet another to be able to store bulky items and still be able to open his car doors. His goal was simply to “rise above the mess”; move the long-term storage items away from high traffic areas and make the frequently grabbed items easy to get to (and put back). Whether you need to rescue your garage from clutter or you’d like to avoid renting storage unit, the goal of the Monkey Bars® product line is to make life easier to get to.
Monkey Bar Storage Solutions is a full-service garage shelving and storage systems company. Whether you need long-term storage for seasonal items or storage for sports equipment that is within reach (and away from your ankles!), Monkey Bars Storage Solutions has a variety of heavy-duty garage storage products that can withstand the test of time, weight, and repeated use.

From shelving that can hold up to 1,000 pounds every four feet to garage storage accessories that can wrangle in sports equipment and folding chairs, our garage storage products can give you an organized garage that is easier to clean, maintain, and enjoy.

Monkey Bar Storage Solutions does more than just sell garage storage products; we design, customize, install and hang your items in your garage to maximize your storage potential. We can’t guarantee that angels will sing every time your garage door goes up, but we think it will be pretty close.

rick-marianIn 2010, Rick Langel joined the MonkeyBars Storage family, bringing 40 years of carpentry, general contracting, and finishing experience to the Omaha franchise. Customizing and installing garage storage takes skill, follow-through, and passion for a job well done. Rick prides himself in all three.

“Choosing to be a Monkey Bars dealer was an easy decision: I get to work with great clients, great products, and I can make an immediate impact on people’s day-to-day lives.

We are a locally-owned small business with an American network. We live here. We work here. We’re proud to make Omaha garage organization worthy of national–and neighborhood–recognition.” – Rick Langel

Rick and his wife of 35 years live in the Omaha area, where they enjoy being near family and grandchildren.

Our Service Areas Include the metro areas of:

Omaha, NE  // Bennington, NE  // Lincoln, NE //  Papillion, NE  //   Ralston, NE  //  Council Bluffs, IA  //  Sioux Falls, SD  // Yankton, SD

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