Free Standing Shelves Don’t Free Up Space

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Free standing shelves. Shelving units. Old bookshelves. All serve a purpose in their own right, but in a garage environment, they present several problems. By creating a bank of free standing units, you may think you will have enough storage to tackle all of your items, but in reality, very few of the items you store in your garage will fit the cookie-cutter dimensions that free-standing garage shelving units offer.

Not only that, there are serious weight and size restrictions that could prove hazardous in a garage environment.

We’re not saying that there aren’t places in a garage where free standing shelving isn’t appropriate. It can be great for pantry surplus storage, lighter-weight storage, and corralling work boots and snow gear. If you already have it, use it appropriately. If you’re in need of something tougher, more attractive, and far more versatile, keep reading.

Rick at Monkey Bar Storage Solutions works with each of his customers to create a made-to-order garage shelving arrangement using the dimensions of the space, the current items that need to be stored, and the potential of other items. As he designs the “dream garage” for his customers, he makes efficient use of corners, walls, and the floor. In this way, items can be stored systematically, safely, and consistently; it also creates a garage organization system that can adapt to the changing lifestyles of homeowners.

There’s no question that a customized garage shelving is going to be more expensive than free-standing shelves in the upfront cost. However, no temporary shelving could hold a candle to all that a Monkey Bar Storage product can deliver over the lifetime of your home. Temporary shelving won’t improve a home’s value or the quality of life of its owners. Monkey Bar Storage garage shelving can.


BEFORE Monkey Bars Garage Storage

Free standing garage shelves take up too much room

Before: A big garage footprint gets overtaken by free standing shelves

AFTER Monkey Bars Garage Storage Solution:

Wall-mounted garage shelving is a secure storage option

After: Strong, secure wall-mounted shelving open up a wall of opportunities.

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