Garage Storage VS Storage Rental

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If you own a storage unit, now is a great time to consider putting your garage to work for you. Of course, we’re a little biased, but we’re not afraid to give you some really good reasons why garage storage is better than storage rental:

  • Cost: While the initial cost of buying quality shelving and paying for professional installation may set you back at the onset, having a custom garage storage system adds further value to your home. Our products allow you to invest in your own home, instead of throwing your money at someone else.
  • Efficiency: Storing your items at home means you have constant access to your items. No more driving all over town to get to the things you already own. Having all of your items within easy reach means you can focus more energy on the important things, like spending time with family or enjoying a peaceful cup of hot coffee.
  • Safety: Monkey Bars shelving can support up to 1,000 pounds every four feet. You can trust our shelves to keep your important items elevated, secure, and organized from nearly any height, and that’s much better than stacked boxes left to fend for themselves in an unlit 4×4 space.
  • Customization: Each family and garage is unique, requiring different storage needs. Renting a storage room leaves you with little better than a blank cube, likely without electricity. Perhaps you require deep shelves to hold large boxes, or you would like a extended work surface, or maybe you need several bins to keep your products organized. Whatever your needs, Monkey Bars Storage Solutions can create a garage organization system that will keep your products up when your business is running.