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Workbenches for the toughest jobs

Your garage workbench doesn’t need to take up space when it’s not being used. Our workbenches are built for the toughest projects – built using high quality steel brackets and 1″ thick melamine.

Install a foldable workbench to easily tuck out of the way when it’s not in use or choose our static workbench that is completely customizable to fit with your needs and your space.

Static Workbench Monkey Bars Static Garage Workbench

Strong: Built to hold 1000lbs for every 4′ section. Industrial grade steel is used for every component making it the strongest garage bench available.

Customizable: Hooks and Bars are easily adjustable so your system grows with you and your changing storage needs.

Foldable Workbenchmonkey bars foldable workbench

Strong: Made with industrial grade steel and built to hold 500lbs, making it the strongest folding garage workbench available.

Foldable: Sometimes you need a little extra walking room, and that’s why this folding garage workbench easily collapses when it’s not in use.

Simple Look, Built to Last

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