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Our garage storage system is designed to separate your items into two basic categories: long term and short term. This allows us to create and dedicate areas of your garage to make the most of the largest room in your house.

MonkeyBars Storage products balance custom garage shelving with complete versatility. When long term and seasonal storage is up and out of the way, the items you need on a daily and weekly basis are easy to get to (and put back). This means we can create a highly customized garage storage system for your specific needs while still making it adaptable to changes in your lifetime or the life of your home.



MonkeyBars garage storage products can be adapted to fit your garage and your lifestyle, and they can also grow and change with you. We’ll work with you to design a garage organization system that is not only customized, but also optomized. And, since our products are adaptable, you can be assured that your MonkeyBars garage shelving system will be a rewarding investment in your home for as long as you live there and beyond.

MonkeyBars Storage Solutions is a solid investment that will make an impact on your day-to-day life, season after season, year after year.



You may not want to hang your John Deere riding lawn mower from one of our shelves, but you could–and that should indicate to you just how much you can store on just one 4-foot section of our shelves. Every 48 inches of Monkeybar garage shelving is capable of carrying 1,000 pounds of whatever you’ve got. This means you finally have a place for your bowling ball collection. And your collection of This Old House magazines.

Our hooks, hanging bars, and accessories are as tough as they are versatile, making them not only a strong product, but also a strong value.



If you didn’t think organizing your garage would change your life, you probably wouldn’t be here reading this. Maybe your dreams are small–you want to have shelves for tools, or a way to hang folding chairs, or a place to put the kayak you’ve always dreamed of using. Or maybe you need something more big picture, like the ability to park your car without throwing your back out. Or being able to park at all.

Imagine being able to walk into your garage and find exactly what you came in there looking for. Does that seem like a life-altering experience?

We thought so.


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