Big Things Can Happen With Small Changes

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Like a lot of our customers, the garage owners in this post had attempted to do some garage organization on their own. They were off to a pretty good start, getting tools off the ground, hoses out from underfoot, and various items out of the way.

And then life happened.

We see it all the time. Homeowners buy the shelving or hooks or hanging bars only for the items that are currently in their garages. A few years later, they do it again, with perhaps a different brand, a different quality, and a different approach. Before they know it, they are surrounded by organizational tools that are limiting the ability to actually organize.

These homeowners sought help at the right time. By investing in a garage shelving system that has the ability to grow with them, they won’t have to worry about where and how the next item will be stored. They also have a cohesive garage storage system that will look and perform beautifully for years.

You don’t have to fill your garage up with shelving, garage cabinets, overhead storage, and garage hooks for your garage to be more functional (although, we’re certainly here for you if you want to give it a go!). Sometimes even small improvements can make a lasting imprint on your garage organization and day-to-day life.


Before: A good start to garage hooks falls short of a big space.

Small storage changes to an Omaha garage improve garage storage potential

After. A small change triples the amount of storage space, providing room to grow.

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